Europa Camping Village

Who is Iupy?

Iupy the turtle was found on the beach by an English boy named Tom. When Tom arrived, he was a timid little chap and afraid of everything, but his friendship with Iupy the turtle gave him a new belief in himself and a new-found confidence. Iupy came to us from far, far away. He must have got lost or escaped from a ship that was taking him to a zoo where he would probably have spent the rest of his life in a cage.

Here at Europa Camping Village, Iupy is happy and has plenty of company. Iupy’s educated too.He’s been to university! He graduated with honours from Turtle University and is now busy teaching young turtles how to survive, deal with currents on their travels and grow big and strong.

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Europa Camping Village si rifà il look: il 2023 sarà un anno di grandi novità per questo meraviglioso camping 5 stelle immerso nel verde silenzioso ed incontaminato di una pineta a breve distanza da Cavallino Treporti e dalla celebre Jesolo. Se già eri abituato ai numerosi comfort offerti da Europa Camping Village, come la spa,… Leggi tutto