These regulations define the rules of conduct that guests and visitors (“Guests”) of the Europa Camping Village (“Property”) are required to observe within the Complex (“Regulations”). An extract of these Regulations is given to Guests upon arrival and is also displayed at the Reception Office and in other points of the Structure and published in extended form on the institutional website which can be reached at the address (“Site “).

Entering the Structure implies full acceptance of the Regulations.


1.1. Registration – Upon arrival, all Guests are requested to go to the Reception/Information Office to carry out the mandatory registration operations. To this end, all Guests must show a valid identity document for identification. It is absolutely forbidden to bring unregistered people into the Structure.

1.2. Europa Camping Village bracelet – Each registered Guest will be given a personal and non-transferable bracelet which must be worn for the entire duration of the stay and returned upon departure. The bracelet allows Guests access and permanence within the Structure and must be worn in a visible way.

1.3. Animals – Dogs (maximum 2) must have a special health booklet showing the vaccinations required by Italian law. For residents of Italy, it is also compulsory for your dog to have a microchip from the national canine registry.

1.4. Minors – Minors (< 18 (eighteen) years old) must be accompanied and will stay together with their parents or persons who have custody of them (subject to written authorization from the parents), who are directly responsible for compliance with these Regulations and, in general, the behavior of the minors entrusted to them. Younger guests must always be accompanied by an adult to the toilets and be supervised when swimming in the sea, swimming pools and water parks.

1.5. Registration of guest pitches with arrival without reservation – Guests without reservation will be accepted only in periods of wide availability and based on the same, where possible for the entire period requested at check-in. Upon arrival, the Guest is required to communicate an actual departure date and simultaneously pay the entire booked period. If the Guest wishes to extend their stay, they will need to go to the Reception/Information Office to check availability and pay the difference. Pitches are assigned exclusively on the recommendation of the

Reception/Information Office staff. For the correct positioning in the pitch assigned, the Guest will be assisted by our Guest Assistants.

1.6. Occupancy: The pitches can be occupied by a maximum of 6 (six) people (adults or children). Only for “Super” or “Exclusive” pitches are allowed up to 7 (seven) people. Caravans, campers or tents left installed on the pitches and which turn out to be uninhabited without the prior authorization of the Management, will be considered abandoned and will be removed by the staff of the Structure.

1.7. Check-in times – Check-in can take place in the following time slots:

1.7.1. LODGING: from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 22.00 Access guaranteed from 17.00.

1.7.2. PITCHES ARRIVAL WITH RESERVATION: from 15.00 to 22.00. 1.7.3. ARRIVAL PITCHES WITHOUT RESERVATION (see point 1.5): from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 22.00.


2.1. Guests are requested to arrange the equipment in the delimited, numbered spaces intended for the different types of equipment, keeping the entrance side towards the road.

2.2. The fire prevention regulations impose the prohibition of fittings other than standardized equipment which includes:

(a) 1 caravan with veranda + 1 car

(b) 1 tent + 1 car

(c) 1 camper + 1 car

2.3. The installation of a gazebo of maximum size 3m x 3m is permitted, or alternatively a small additional tent, but in the absence of an additional car. An additional tent and an additional car constitute second equipment and, as such, must be registered on an additional pitch, as in the case of a camper van towing a caravan. Even the trailer (large) is considered as an additional means.

2.4. Each pitch must preserve a free space for the correct parking of the car, always keeping escape routes free.


3.1. Visitors of Guests who stay at the Facility and who have consented to be contacted during their stay are considered daily visitors.

3.2. Access to the Structure is allowed upon delivery of an identity document and with the obligation to wear the Europa Camping Village bracelet. Registration of daily visits is possible from 10.00 to 20.00 and permanence is allowed until 22.00 on the day of entry. The permanence of visitors for a period longer than 1 (one) hour entails the payment of the visitor rate per person.

3.3. For those wishing to get to know the Structure, free entry is permitted for a maximum duration of 1 (one) hour, upon delivery to the Reception/Information desk of an identification document for each visitor and subject to the obligation to wear the Europa Camping bracelet village.

3.4. In both cases, access to the facility with any means of transport is not permitted, be it a motor vehicle, bicycle, scooter or the like.

3.5. The entry of visitors with dogs is allowed, subject to authorization by the Reception/Information staff and according to the indications given above.


4.1. Payment: Payments can be made in cash (according to legal limits) or with Bancomat and credit cards of the VISA and MasterCard circuits.

4.2. Departures – Upon departure, Guests must leave the pitch or accommodation clean and in perfect order. Before leaving the facility, it is mandatory to stop at the exit to show the facility staff the tax receipt and return the Europa Camping Village bracelets. If you are leaving by your own means, stand in the lane set up for outgoing departures and wait for the instructions of the personnel in charge of departures.

4.3. Departure times:

4.3.1. PITCHES: from 7.00 to 12.00. If the pitch is available, an afternoon departure is possible until 10.00 pm, also counting the following night. Departures from 7.00 am are allowed only for Guests who have previously checked out. In some low season periods, it is possible to take advantage of a paid or free late check-out service based on the offers activated for the period and only upon advance request at the Reception/Information Office.

4.3.2. LODGING: from 7.00 to 10.00. The keys must be returned to the Reception/Information Office. Departures from 7.00 am are allowed only for

Guests who have previously checked out. In some low season periods, it is possible to take advantage of a late check-out service for a fee, only upon advance request at the Reception/Information Office. Departure is allowed until 10.00 pm, subject to delivery of the keys to the accommodation by 8.00 pm.


5.1. Motor vehicles – For the peace and safety of all, motor vehicles must be used as little as possible within the Structure, limited to movements in and out of the Structure and excluding movements inside the Structure. In any case, drivers are required to maintain a walking pace and, in any case, not to exceed a speed of 10 (ten) km per hour. The circulation of motorized vehicles is prohibited during the afternoon rest period (from 1.00pm to 3.00pm) and at night (from 11.30pm to 7.00am). The Management reserves the right to keep the entrance gates open from 13.00 to 15.00, in case of need. Electric motor vehicles (excluding service vehicles) are equivalent to motor vehicles, consequently, they are required to comply with the above rules.

5.2. Bicycles or similar – Inside the structure it is possible to circulate by bicycle except for the pedestrian area, inside shops and clubs and in the toilets. Inside the Structure, it is forbidden for Guests to park their bicycles outside the spaces specially designated for such use. Cyclists are required to respect road signs and to maintain a walking pace. Children’s bicycles must be marked with a flag and children must wear a protective helmet and always be accompanied by an adult. Parents are directly responsible for the correct behaviour of their children on the bike.

5.3. The circulation with skates, skateboards, and the like is prohibited in the afternoon silence hours between 13:00 and 15:00, at night and in the driveways of the housing units.

5.4. Safety – Guests are required to pay attention to ensure everyone’s safety.


6.1. During the hours of rest in the afternoon (from 13.00 to 15.00) and at night (from 23.30 to 07.00) Guests are required to observe silence and respect for others’ peace, both in the Structure on the piers and on the beach.

6.2. In respect of others’ peace and for a peaceful coexistence, the operation of radios and air conditioners in the pitches is allowed if it does not disturb the neighbours. Their use as well as playing musical instruments is not permitted during the hours of rest in the afternoon and at night.

6.3. It is also forbidden to play football or practice other sports along the streets of the complex. For these activities, Guests may use the areas specially designated for such use.


7.1. The complex pays close attention to separate waste collection. To this end, ecological islands and dedicated waste bins have been set up which Guests must use according to the indications.

7.2. The Complex attaches great importance to the care of the greenery by choosing plants, trees and flowers with dedication. It should be noted that all the ornamental plants inside the structure are NOT edible.

7.3. The Complex also pays close attention to the cleanliness of the rooms and areas. However, the collaboration of the Guests is essential to ensure the maintenance of the pre-established standards:

7.3.1. inside the toilets, the sinks and washbasins must be used according to the indications;

7.3.2. dishes cannot be washed in the sinks of private bathrooms,

7.3.3. chemical toilets must be emptied into the appropriate drains, located near the toilets;

7.3.4. the soil of the complex has a sandy bottom with high permeability. Guests are kindly invited to protect the turf, avoiding digging holes or furrows, especially along the internal roads.

7.4. We also remind you that it is absolutely forbidden:

(a) to pour any liquid into street drainage channels;

(b) throw papers, butts and chewing gum on the ground;

(c) smoke on the beach, except in designated smoking areas; inside the housing units; in toilets; in the water park; in playgrounds and public places throughout the Structure (in compliance with article no. 51 of law no. 3 of 01/16/2003);

(d) lead the dogs for their hygienic needs inside the Structure and on the beach.


8.1. Gas cylinders – Gas cylinders must comply with the directives given by the UNI CIG standards in force in Italy. In particular, the containers must be protected from accidental knocks and from sunlight and located in safe places. It is also forbidden to keep any type of fuel or flammable substance with the sole exception of a gas cylinder of the “camping gas” type maximum of 5 (five) kg.

8.2. Barbecue – the use of the barbecue is permitted only in ways and in weather conditions that do not constitute a danger or nuisance. However, the use of open flames is strictly prohibited, both inside the structure and on the beach.

8.3. Equipment:

8.3.1. The equipment and all its contents must be approved and comply with all legal or regulatory requirements, in terms of compliance with fire prevention legislation.

8.3.2. When the installation of a gazebo is permitted, it must have a maximum size of 3 meters by 3 metres.

8.3.3. For safety reasons, shade cloths of any size and shape, cables and hammocks cannot be attached to trees. All tents and tarps must be secured to the ground only.

8.3.4. To dry the laundry, it is advisable to use the special clotheshorses.

8.3.5. Ropes cannot be anchored to the field numbering tables which must be intact and always visible, as well as to the electricity columns.

8.3.6. Tents and gazebos cannot be installed between the accommodation units of Europa Camping Village.

8.4. Electricity – The supply of electricity to the pitches is a minimum of 8A and is calculated based on the consumption of equipment with low absorption power and compliant with CE regulations. It is not permitted to connect several appliances to a single electrical outlet. Guests are also requested to use the adapters appropriately.

8.5. Flames – It is prohibited to leave open flames unattended near flammable materials and drafts. Please pay particular attention to the proximity of children and animals. It is forbidden to leave candles near heat sources; it is advisable to

store them in special containers. The use of candles is prohibited inside the accommodation units and their verandas.

8.6. Drones – The use of drones of any kind is prohibited in any area of the Facility and the beach.

8.7. Medical service:

8.7.1. There is a paid medical service from mid-May to mid-September. In the event of an emergency, use the SOS telephones (see map) to contact the Reception/Information Office which will activate the first aid and emergency services.

8.7.2. The doctor’s surgery is marked with a Red Cross (see map). The opening hours are displayed in the clinic itself.

8.8. Epidemiological emergency:

8.8.1. Guests are required to scrupulously comply with all the hygiene, health and social distancing rules established by the laws and regulations in force, as well as by the regulations adopted within the Structure.

8.8.2. Guests bear all risks associated with any illnesses or infections that Guests or their pets may contract during their stay in the Structure and, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, exonerate the ownership of the Structure and the related personnel from any liability in this regard, also waiving from now on to advance against them, requests for compensation or indemnity for any reason.


It is forbidden for adults and children to enter commercial establishments (market, restaurant, bar, shops, etc.) in costume or bare-chested and barefoot.


10.1. For safety reasons, at sea, Guests are advised to comply with the rules set out in the Harbor Master’s Office regulations, displayed in various points within the Structure.

10.2. Remember that it is forbidden to swim in the exit corridors of sailing and windsurfing boats, with rough seas, during storms, at night and to go offshore beyond the marked safety limit.

10.3. Bathing is prohibited when, due to lack of supervision, the red flags are hoisted. Guests are kindly invited to follow the advice of the lifeguards.

10.4. For the safety of bathers, motorboats of any type and size (inboard, outboard, even if auxiliary) are not allowed. Sailing boats, rowing boats, etc. are admitted only if they do not exceed the length of 5 (five) meters. Boats and sailboards (windsurfers) can only move away from or approach the beach through the specially marked transit corridors. Boats are prohibited from crossing areas frequented by bathers.

10.5. It is forbidden to light fires and smoke on the beach (to smoke, guests are kindly requested to move to the designated smoking areas).

10.6. Smoking is prohibited inside all the water parks of the Structure.

10.7. Access to the Aquapark Europa is permitted by wearing the Europa Camping Village bracelet and showing the appropriate Aquapark Europa Card in order to take advantage of a station consisting of 1 (one) umbrella and 2 (two) sun loungers.


11.1. The presence of dogs and their number must be reported at the time of booking and arrival (see point 1.3).

11.2. Pets are only allowed on pitches and housing units in the dedicated area. A maximum of 2 (two) dogs are allowed per pitch or housing unit. A greater number of dogs is allowed only with prior authorization from the Management.

11.3. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, which must have a maximum length of 1.5 meters (Ord. Minis. 03.03.2009), a muzzle of a suitable size must be available to be used when needed or upon request, as well as bags and shovel for collecting manure. The special bags located in various points inside the campsite are available to guests.

11.4. The municipal regulation prohibits walking with dogs along the shoreline of the beaches where access to dogs is not allowed.

11.5. For the fulfilment of their bodily needs, dogs must be accompanied outside the structure and in a place other than the beach. The manure must be immediately removed with a special bag and placed in the containers dedicated to this. Violators are subject to a fine of €50.00.

11.6. It is forbidden to lead dogs and to shower them inside the toilets; please use the special outdoor showers (for positioning, see the icons on the map of the Structure).

11.7. Dogs must not disturb other Guests and must not invade their pitches or housing units. They must never be left unattended.

11.8. Any abusive behaviour towards dogs will be reported to the competent authorities. Any damage caused to third parties and to the structures of the Structure by the dogs must be fully compensated by the owner.

11.9. Dogs and their owners will be able to frequent all the common areas (restaurant/bar, commercial areas and area used for entertainment in the Village and the areas dedicated to them. It is forbidden to bring dogs into all other areas: in the Aquapark Europa, in the Wellness Center, at the Miniclub, in the Playgrounds, in the Supermarket and inside the Toilets

11.10 The owners or handlers of noisy or dangerous animals, who do not respect the rules or who will cause complaints, will be asked to remove them or leave the facility immediately.


12.1. The centralized toilet facilities for the use of campers are opened and closed based on attendance, at the discretion of the Management.

12.2. The private bathrooms are located next to the toilet facilities and can be booked at payment. Upon check-in, the assigned number of the bathroom will be communicated, and it will be accessible via an identification bracelet. The bathrooms are available from 15.00 on the day of arrival until 11.00 on the day of departure. Even in the event of late check-out, the access times cannot be changed.


13.1. Any lost items found both on the beach and inside the Complex can be delivered to the Lost & Found Office located at Reception/Information.

13.2. It is advisable to pay attention to personal effects and to take the necessary precautions. Money and valuables should not be left unattended inside caravans and tents or housing units. It is advisable not to leave valuables such as cameras, video cameras, etc. in the car, especially during the night.

13.3. For a fee, it is possible to use a safety deposit box at the Reception/Information Office from 8.00 to 20.00.

13.4. The Management declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss and damage caused by third parties and by circumstances such as natural disasters, unrest and the like. The Management reserves the right to expel without delay those customers who, in its opinion, should disturb the tranquillity of others or contravene the above rules due to their behaviour.

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