Hydromassage tub

Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy combined with those of massage therapy: immerse yourself in the hydromassage tub for a relaxing and invigorating bath, perhaps after a day of sport. Let go of all thoughts and start relaxing! A little cuddle to recharge the batteries before the evening.

Finnish sauna

Combine a moment of relax with the numerous benefits of the Finnish sauna. Widely used in cold countries, the sauna consists of a dry heat bath in a room at a temperature of about 80-90° C. The heat stimulates cell turnover and favors the proper functioning of the metabolism. Normally alternated with cold showers, the sauna strengthens the immune system and promotes recovery from stress and tension.

A relaxing and pleasant way to think about our health and do prevention even in summer!

Aromatic turkish bath

Unlike the sauna, the Turkish bath has a more humid atmosphere. Thanks to the combination of steam, embellished with aromas and essences, with music and colours, this bath has a revitalizing and regenerating effect on the respiratory tract and organs, also promoting relaxation.

Emotional water path

Walk along the revitalizing path, where the strength of the water combines with the energy of colours, giving yourself a pleasant sensation of lightness. A multi-sensory experience to try also with sight, smell and hearing, for a total energetic involvement:

  • Start with the waterfall of cold water enhanced by the energy of the red light
  • Continue under the tropical rain enhanced by the amber light
  • Let yourself be enveloped by the scent of cold mint in the arctic mist enhanced by green light
  • Pamper yourself with the foot massage of the cobblestone floor all along the way. A path to reactivate the senses and regenerate the spirit.

Invigorating Kneipp path with circular shape

The daredevils who won’t be discouraged by cold water will find in this path a well-being that they will find it hard to leave!

The toning Kneipp path consists in stimulating blood circulation in the feet, consequently reducing swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs and promoting circulation throughout the body. The jets in which hot and cold water alternate produce a pleasant invigorating massage, and the pebbles offer a stimulating foot massage.

Chromatic garden - Relax area

A welcoming, pleasant and relaxing environment to completely abandon yourself to relaxation, sipping tea and fruity herbal teas. Enjoy this space of well-being just for you, letting go of accumulated stress. Let yourself be pampered by the services of the Europa Camping Village.

Start enjoying the benefits of your holiday right away, book at Europa Camping Village!

Revitalizing chromatic shower

As with the Emotional Water Path, the purifying properties of water are combined with the energizing properties of colours, here in the form of a shower.

You can try it before entering a wellness environment or after a sauna or Turkish bath to create a contrasting effect. Sensory experience not to be missed at the Europa Camping Village spa.

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