Our Certifications

Our primary goal is to offer you a high-quality vacation. For this reason, we undergo periodic checks to ensure that our facility, the services we offer, and the management we adopt always meet the highest standards. We want to ensure that you have the certainty of enjoying a stay where nothing is overlooked.

We have always dedicated our efforts to the development of specific initiatives to raise awareness and promote environmental sustainability. At the same time, our projects are aimed at best meeting your needs and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

At Europa Camping Village, you will find the most important certifications that attest to our ongoing commitment.

What happens at the Europa Camping Village? Previews, news and advice.

Read our blog, you will find articles, curiosities and a rich calendar of events and activities of the Europa Camping Village. Consult this section for information on the area and suggestions for trips to the Venice lagoon and Cavallino Treporti.

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Europa Camping Village is getting a makeover: 2023 will be a year of great news for this wonderful 5-star campsite immersed in the silent and unspoilt greenery of a pine forest a short distance from Cavallino Treporti and the famous Jesolo. If you were already used to the numerous comforts offered by Europa Camping Village,… Leggi tutto