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 Exclusive indulgence

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Relaxation for the body a mind

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Let yourself go in the expert hands of the professionals in our exclusive spa, abandon yourself to massages and ancient rituals to rediscover a new beauty and sense of well-being.
Take care of yourself even while you’re on holiday. That’s what we’re here for.
• Hydromassage tub
• Emotional water course (cold water cascade, tropical rain, arctic mist and foot massage)
• Finnish sauna (80-90°)
• Aromatic Turkish bath
• Tonifying, circular Kneipp course
• Chromatic garden (relaxation zone)
• Revitalising chromatic shower

Whirlpool bath 

The benefi ts of hydrotherapy have been known since ancient times: the springs were magicaland the water reinvigorating.
A whirlpool bath regenerates the body and the mind:it combines the beneficial effects of hydrotherapy and massotherapy and relaxes the body providing a sensationof wellbeing and physical pleasure.
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Emotional Water Programme

This mini revitalizing wellness programme regenerates the mind and the bodyby combining the purity and force of water and the energising effects of colours. A magical moment that unites the 5 senses in '’jet of water’’ using colours, scents and sounds that caress and embrace the body providing renewed energy.
  • Cold waterfall with the added energy of red light
  • Tropical rain enhanced by amber light
  • Arctic mist with a Cool Mint fragrance and greenlight
  • Plantar massage by pebbles inserted along the floor

Finnish sauna

Finish saunas are used as a physiotherapy treatment and consist of a bath of dry heat, at around 80 –90, which stimulates cell regeneration and helps to improve the metabolism. Normally alternated with cold showers,saunas strengthen the immune system,reduce stress and tension and have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.
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Aromatic turkish bath

Aromatic baths combine the effects of steam scented with aromas and essences, music and colours to revitalize and regenerate the respiratory system and also help your mind to relax.
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Circular tonifying Kneipp route

'’Tonifying Kneipp Programmes’’ stimulate blood circulation in the feet through alternated foot baths (hot water/cold water).Water jets gently massage and revitalise the feet while the base in pebbles provides a stimulating plantar massage. It also reduces swelling and the feeling of heaviness.
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Chromatic garden(relax area)

An area where clients can rest their mind and body. This is the fi nap step of a wellness programme where clients can relax completely and purify their body with healthy herbal teas. The special chromatic lamps provide a subtle touch of energy and color to enhance the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of the area.
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Revitalizing chromatic shower

This particular type of shower revitalizes and purifies the body by spraying jets of hot and cold water energized by chromotherapy.
Ideal before wellness treatments to cleanse the body (best with hot water) or after a sauna or turkish bath to create a'’contrast effect’’ (in this case cold water is recommended).
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Our fitness centre is definitely the ideal place for those who don’t want to miss out on their daily exercise even during the holidays. Fitted with modern equipment including steppers, exercise bikes, recline cycles, top tx benches, tread mills and Swedish wall bards.
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