Regulations for dogs

Your dog is welcome at the Europa Camping Village!


The Management hopes you enjoy your stay and invites you to consult these regulations and the price list, as entering the Village represents your complete acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions. Violation of even one of the points in these regulations is grounds for immediate expulsion from the Village.


  1. On your arrival at the campsite, you must let us know immediately if you have pets with you and provide documentary proof that they are up to date with their statutory vaccinations.
  2. Pets are only admitted to certain designated camping spaces and accommodation in the reserved area. A maximum of four dogs per camping space and two dogs per accommodation unit are allowed. The Management reserves the right to apply or not to apply the above rules at its discretion.
  3. You must indicate the presence of dogs and their number when you make your booking and when you arrive.
  4. Dogs with their owners are allowed in all communal areas (seafront walk, main avenue, restaurant, bar and shop), the areas reserved for them in the 2000 area and the accommodation indicated on the map (Bungalow Roy, Europa Roy, Coco Roy). Dogs are not allowed in any other area, the wellness centre, water park, mini club and toilet blocks.
  5. Dogs can only be washed in the "dog showers" area near the Camper Service indicated on the map of the Village.
  6. Each individual owner is responsible for guaranteeing the maximum respect for hygiene and sanitary regulations and standards. While staying on the campsite, dogs must always be accompanied to do their business and owners must remove the excrement immediately using a special bag and the containers provided. Biodegradable dog waste bags are available from dispensers located at various points in the Village.
  7. Dogs are admitted to the beach only and exclusively in the authorised delimited area. (Art 4.5 Ordnance32 of 27/04/2017) Pets must be not be allowed to enter the water, with the exception of the specifically allocated and authorised areas. This prohibition does not apply to dogs providing a regular lifeguard service, guide dogs accompanying blind guests or small pet therapy animals accompanied by a medical certificate. 

  8. Dogs may not be left unattended in camping spaces or accommodation.
  9. (Minis. Ord. 03.03.2009), Dogs must always be kept on a lead a maximum of 1.5 m long and owners must have a suitable sized muzzle with them at all times to be used as needed or when requested by the competent authorities.
  10. Dogs may not disturb other guests or invade their camping spaces or accommodation.
  11. Owners are wholly liable for any damage caused by dogs to third parties or Village structures.
  12. The competent authorities will be notified of possible maltreatment to dogs.

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